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Espure Water Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Water & Waste treatment company which has the capability & professional skills to provide most advanced and cost effective solutions for the process and environmental needs.

Traditionally we are strongly involved in all industries where water is an important resource, utility or by-product. Covering the field of water related aspects, from raw water intake, to make-up, distribution, wastewater treatment & water recycling, the hands-on experience makes us understand your needs and unspoken desires.

Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements. Plant solutions for water recycling, resource recycling, zero discharge requirements or biogas production save valuable resources and energy. We continuously develop the technology lines for physico-chemical, biological and membrane technology water and wastewater treatment, created in our own process laboratory. The product lines include compact small plants as well as plants developed individually according to customer requirements, which are set up conventionally or delivered as modular systems. Customer-specific solutions can be tested in our own technology centre or in pilot plants. We regularly act as partners in national and international research projects for the development of future-oriented technologies. Our plants are produced by certified and qualified personnel, using the most modern production methods. We create the electrical planning in our electrical engineering department, programme the system controls and assemble the control cabinets. Our services range from comprehensive customer services, engineering consulting, and laboratory analyses to operation of the water treatment plants.